Welcome to Chen Style Taijiquan of Henry Wong.

Practicing Chen style tai chi chuan is a way to promote good health externally and internally, as well as mentally.

Externally: cultivate energy (“jin”)

When practicing tai chi chuan we learn to use the entire body in every movement of the form by connecting the nine major joints, on each side of the body, together as a single unit. At the same time we transform the entire body into the three-dimensional shape of the Tai Chi symbol, with half the body as the Yin (dark) part and the other as the Yang (light) part, constantly interchanging and interacting in order to create an energy—jin—that moves through the entire body.

As a result tai chi strengthens the muscles, tendons, and joints.

Internally: cultivate chi

By practicing tai chi chuan in this way it gradually builds a reverse-abdominal deep-breathing rhythm, which will promote greater circulation of energy in the entire body for better health, while also accumulating “chi”.

Mentally: cultivate spirit

We also learn one of the most important rules: to use the mind to start, direct, and organize every movement of the body in order to perform each movement correctly, according to tai chi principles. Practicing this way builds a strong connection between the mind and the body, and increases concentration and focus.

In addition to cultivating energy, chi and spirit, we work to discover what practicing truly feels like when adhering to tai chi principles.


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